Welcome to Villa Emilia (My Woodland Garden), a photography blog with a slant towards gardening and nature. An amateur gardener and photographer, I hope to share beautiful moments with you through pictures. Let me know if you like them!

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Parus major

In the headlines two days ago: "The sun came back to Savonia". Yes, after weeks and weeks of cloudy weather, also our region enjoyed some hours of sunshine, so much needed. Now it's again cloudy (and snowing thinly), but we had our share of happiness. :D

Kevät on kyllä vielä kaukana

Parus cristatus, syn. Lophophanes cristatus

Suloinen töyhtötiainen on ollut lintulaudallamme vakituinen vieras tänä talvena, mutta siitä on vaikea saada kunnollisia kuvia. Uusina vierailijoina on näinä päivinä ollut neljä urpiaista. (Ainakin luulen niitä urpiaisiksi.) Ne eivät ole kovin arkoja ja päästävät kuvaajan paljon lähemmäksi.

Carduelis flammea 

Cheerful individuals of Carduelis flammea in sunshine :)

We have lots of snow...

Snow fallen from the roof:

Once we were roses

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2017 revisited, part 1

Hello all... and happy 2018! I have picked some of my favourite photos taken last year. They are many and they have been chosen with no discernible logic, indeed with no logic whatsoever. :)

Weatherwise, the year 2017 wasn't the happiest. We were not hit by severe disasters, but the year being unusually cool and rainy has damaged the agriculture and forestry. And it has been so terribly dark, especially now in winter when the days are short. One, two weeks ago I noticed that the sun was colouring in pink and gold the tops of the trees on the other side of the lake, but before I had my snowsuit on, the sun rays had already disappeared and it was starting to snow ... :D

Tervetuloa, vuosi 2018! Jos sopii, voisit olla hieman aurinkoisempi ja lämpimämpi kuin edeltäjäsi...

One of my best bird photos ever

Last year I took my first photos of (Eurasian) cranes. The photos make me think of Japan... and I just learned that in Japanese culture the red-crowned crane is a mystical creature, and symbolising for example loyalty and strength, it is featured for example in the international logo of Japan Airlines.

Zen :)

Vitelotte potatoes


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