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Spring pastels: a girly post

Northern Italy, 19.3.2017

Eastern Finland, 20.3.2017 :)

Yllä näkymämme tänään aamupäivällä. Nyt iltapäivällä sade on lakannut. Tässä postauksessa on uusia ja vanhoja kuvia, jotka ilahduttavat minua tänään, toivottavasti myös sinua! :)

Tulipa 'Angelique', in June 2015

"Thinking pink" was the working title for this post, inspired by this month's cover of "Gloria", a Finnish women's magazine, but then I noticed that in the photos I wanted to post, there were many other colours too...

... like in these woollen socks. In March, they are still needed. :) I did have a pink trench coat, but alas I gave it away...

Some favourites:

ACO Daily Care -tuotteet -20% maaliskuun ajan monissa apteekeissa.
Kuvassa oleva puhdistusemulsio on suosikkini.

Vehicle Maintenance for Women: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know But Were Afraid to Ask by Charlotte Williamson. :) Originally published in 2004: 

A pretty cup:

Rosa 'Lumo' in July 2015

I'm decluttering. I will post some images, texts, etc. that I have found beautiful, interesting, etc. in the past years. I will store them in a digital form... and then possibly discard the originals.

This pretty mini calendar (in Italian) will not be thrown away. (You will see more pages soon.) It's from the year 2006 and, as it happens, it's valid this year! And... hmmm... in 2023 I will be able to use it again. :)

"Mon Jardin 2006", by Akena. http://www.akenaitaly.it/tipologia/calendari.html

Do you like pastel colours?


I left my heart at...

...Parco Burcina, a landscape garden in Piedmont region (Italy), founded in the mid-19th century by Giovanni Piacenza, a wool industrialist, and situated in the Municipalities of Biella and Pollone.

I must go back sometimes... to visit my heart and to take more and better photos. Oh, I wish I had had a digital camera when I was living in Italy!

We visited the park in May many years ago; that day it had been raining before we arrived and the air was fresh and fragrant with scents from the grand conifers of the park. The valley of rhododendrons is stunning. On the internet, you can find many photos (much, much better than these!) depicting the valley from above, but imagine yourself rambling among the shrubs, surrounded by all those colours...

By myself, I followed a path leading to the top of the hill. Noisy schoolchildren and other visitors were left far behind, and I found serene small meadows and young birches with leaves of the most delicate green.  

The colours and light  are particularly bad in the photo below, but it shows the position of the park on a hill.

We saw pleasant views also on our way back home. Oasi Zegna is a freely accessible nature park in the Biella Alps. It was created by the entrepreneur Ermenegildo Zegna, founder of the homonymous factory that makes men's clothing and accessories.

Some old photos taken in our garden (in Italy):

Awful colours, but dear memories:

One of my favourites, Azalea japonica 'Palestrina':