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Squirrels and swans

Subtitle: Fuzzy photos taken through windows on cloudy and foggy October days

A catchy title for this post would have been "Pole Dance". :) Our bird feeder is now in a new - yet temporary - place and with some wooden parts replaced with plastic ones because this flipping adorable rascal already destroyed them.

This is an Eurasian red squirrel, in grey winter coat but with ear-tufts still small.

Whooper swans (Cygnus cygnus) are really handsome birds and we are happy to see nowadays more of them.

Synchronised cygnets: Heads up...

... heads down. :)

If I go out, this is what I usually manage to capture...

I'd Rather B Birdin'

Thank you, Eileen and Anni!

Have a lovely weekend!



October: The last glow

Many trees (like birches and rowans) and shrubs have already lost their leaves, but for example some roses and our very young red oaks still look beautiful.

I'm sorry the photos are not very sharp. Once more, the focus seems to be on colours and light! :)

Rosa 'Ilo'

Rosa spinosissima 'Plena'

Have a happy rest of the week!


Juha T. Hakalan Kohtuuden kirja. Näkökulmia ääriyhteiskuntaan (Talentum 2016)
vaikuttaa arvioiden perusteella hyvin mielenkiintoiselta kirjalta.