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April 2017 in 22 photos

Hei ja kiitos kommenteistanne edellisiin postauksiini!

Räntää sataa taivaan täydeltä, kun kirjoitan tätä. Näillä kuvilla sanotaan "hei hei" pian päättyvälle huhtikuulle ja toivotetaan tervetulleeksi oikein lämmin ja ihana toukokuu. :)

Cut branches in a vase

Colomba di Pasqua ("Easter Dove") is a traditional Italian Easter cake.

New gardening gloves :)

This photo is cheating: the new socks are hanging on the line just for photographic purposes. :)

Tämä kuva on lavastettu: sukat on ripustettu narulle vain kuvausta varten. :)

The most faithful friends: Ribes glandulosum...

... and Lupinus.

Thank you for your comments on my previous posts! As you may have noticed from the watermarks, in the last two posts the photos were not mine but by other members of our family. They often take photos with a mobile phone... of very interesting subjects. I naturally let the photographers know you liked their photos. :)

Have a great day!


  1. ihana kuvasarja! Toivotaan, että toukokuu tuo tullessaan paljon vihreää

  2. Hej Sara!

    Nu är väl våren på gång även hos dig. Räntää sataa - ett så talande uttryck på finska, man riktigt känner hur kallt och vått det är.

    Ett stort beröm för ekorren som du fångat mitt i ett hopp!


  3. Hello Sara. It still looks exceptionally cold in your part of the World!!
    Some gorgeous photos, I'm so in love with your little red squirrel.
    Your garden trowel and gloves are amazing!!!
    Hopefully it wont be long before you can plant out your geraniums!
    Hugs from us xx

  4. This morning there's a cold north wind blowing - now I see where it's coming from! I need gardening gloves and new socks!

  5. Lovely photos! The little squirrel is the cutest :-)

  6. Beautiful... All the photos you show us.... -smile-

  7. Really beautiful, Sara! The squirrel is adorable, and I love all the colours and details in your photos! :)

  8. Great job, Sara. I am especially enamoured of the squirrel scampering across the snow.

  9. Ah, everything is so lovely, my friend! Love the beautiful flowers, and my, what a precious squirrel! Also, the pictures of the colorful socks brought a smile to my face :)

    Love and hugs to you, dear Sara!

  10. Näitten kuvien mukaan huhtikuu on ollut täynnä kaikkea ihanaa ja värikästä - ja kuitenkin odotamme kovasti sen kuluvan ja tuovan mukanaan vielä ihanamman toukokuun! Leppoisaa keskiviikkoa huhtikuun muistoissa!

  11. Very nice, Sara. I love the socks and the squirrel. But also the other pics. How about your health?

    1. Thank you, Aritha!
      I'm feeling fine by now. Thank you for asking!

  12. Wonderful photos. Enjoyed them all. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  13. Kevät tulee, vaikkakin hitaasti. Isot tomaatin taimet;-) Mitä lajia laitoit? Ihanaa iltaa Sara;-))

    1. Kiitos, Anne!
      Sungold-kirsikkatomaattia. Nämä ovat hätävarataimia, joita säilytän ikkunalla. Isoimmat on jo siirretty kasvihuoneeseen.
      Mukavaa torstaipäivää! :)

  14. Wonderful series for April, Sara! I love your new socks! I think maybe the little squirrel might take a pair if you leave them out on the line!!
    Best wishes for many more lovely spring moments!

  15. Brrrr! Gorgeous set of photos x

  16. Hello, dear Sara! You put a smile on my face for all day with this lovely post. :-) It is so good to see, that spring is slowly coming closer to you as well. (Also despite of the snowfall :D) I love those photos of little signs of the spring. :-) Your new gloves, and the little shovel are really pretty. Those lively coloured socks can surely brighten the grey mornings… at least a little bit. :-) Thank you for these beautiful pictures! I love them all!
    I hope you have a delightful week, hugs!

  17. Your photos never fail to inspire me Sara! I am getting a lesson from my self-taught photographer husband this Sunday. My dream would be to post photos as stunning as yours! Take care, Jackie

  18. Hey! I am new at your blog (: I am following you now(;
    I hope you can visit mine and follow me back (; Have a good day!

  19. Nature at its best! :-)

    Greetings from London.

  20. Sarah, I just love your creativity with your camera. The squirrel, new shoots, socks, snow and bows all bring a smile to my face. Thank you. I don't think I could dirty the gardening gloves and trowel if they were mine. Just gorgeous.

  21. you always amaze me with you photography.
    these pics look like beautiful paintings and speak for the precious artistic heart beahind the lenses

  22. Fotografie fantastiche!
    Buon fine settimana!

  23. Kaikenlaista hurmaavaa, iloista ja kaunista keväisessä kuvasarjassa. 🐿
    Linnut, kukat ja uudenvihreät lehdet sekä kutsuvan näköinen pääsiäiskakku
    hurmasivat minut, ja pyykkinarulla roikkuvat sukkaset 💜 Hyvää vappua 🎈

  24. Dear Sara,
    so many wonderful "wunderschöne" ;-) April photos. I enjoyed them all.
    Have a beautiful weekend.
    Love and hugs ... Dorothea :-)

  25. A group of fun photos and I love the colourful socks on the line! I think you got my gardening gloves by mistake Sara - purple ones! Be still my heart. lol
    So nice to see you having buds break and flowers emerging from the soil - can spring have arrived?

  26. So pretty, Sara - love seeing the signs of spring in your beautiful world! Sending hugs xo Karen

  27. It looks as though spring is springing well for you!

  28. Hello Sara! Of course, April as a Spring month was so unpredictable. Here, we had lots of rains and cloudy skies; only at the beginning it was so lovely and I enjoyed so much. In your series, the warm light, the speedy squirrel, the snow, the new buds, green leaves and :) (funny & pretty socks in various colors), colors for the delight of soul, are so well mixed to let us make the whole frame of the calendaristic month of April. Gorgeous macro shots of new plants...
    And many thanks for the amazing photos of your friends, as well; I remembered, while reading your words, about those pics from Prague. (i'm not sure when I'll see this city
    again, but for sure virtually I can 'travel' this way.)
    Best regards to you! And a very sunny month of Spring in May with lots of beautiful moments!

  29. Such a lovely selection of different photographs here.
    I've just bought some new socks but they are not as colourful looking as yours!

    Take Care

    All the best Jan

  30. Oh, that mischievous squirrel. What a pretty floral garden shovel. You really take lovely pictures. : )



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