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Wild flowers

The Nordic Wild Flower Day, with excursions open to everybody, took place already about two weeks ago, but here (the Finnish plant hardiness zone 4) many wild flowers, for example spreading bellflowers (Campanula patula), only start to flower on sunny banks and roadside verges:

Campanula glomerata

Vicia cracca

 This "bouquet" was picked last year in the last days of July:

With fitting colours,  Aquilegia vulgaris...

... and some essential garden tools and accessories:


Wordless Wednesday 25/6/14 - Campanula

Campanula rotundifolia


Midsummer Magic

Dear all, have a magical midsummer's night!


Garden and surroundings in June

The petals of the Cosmos have a lovely texture:

Rosa pimpinellifolia 'Plena':

The stems and leaves of many lingonberries and blueberries suffered during last winter, almost without snow. Fortunately there are at least some flowers:

Vaccinium vitis-idaea

Again cranesbills:

And lupins! These grow wild by the roadside:


White roses

I don’t know if it’s because of the unusually mild winter 2013-14, but this summer our Rosa pimpinellifolia 'Plena' has more buds than usually.  There are no signs yet of Anthonomus rubi (strawberry blossom weevil), an unpleasant insect that damages the Rosaceae. The female lays eggs inside flower buds and partially cuts the pedicel. The severed buds, hanging and dry, will not get open, but fall on the ground. As every year, we have sprayed the shrubs twice before flowering. The results are to be seen...

One can already feel their fragrance.



...seems to open its flowers only when it's sunny and warm.

My garden in these days

Our Wisteria has enjoyed the warm weather:

Lilacs don't have a very good flowering this year:

Rosa pimpinellifolia, in contrast, has many, many buds that promise an abundant flowering:

Siberian peashrub, Caragana arborescens:

Sometimes life gives you nice surprises.  Some Granny's Bonnets (Aquilegia) have spread spontaneously from an unknown planting site, and they happened to appear around the gravestone of our beloved cat, under a lilac, in partial shade:

Rhododendron 'Helsinki University':


Green leaves and hardy geraniums

New leaves of lupins are such a delightful sight:

French cranesbill, native to the Western Pyrenees in Spain. (In Finnish it is in fact called espanjankurjenpolvi.) It has gained the Royal Horticultural Society's Award of Garden Merit:

Geranium endressii

Geranium sanguineum var. striatum, a very pretty cultivar; it has a rounded, compact habit and it produces plenty of flowers almost all summer long. It is a RHS Award winner, too:

Our wood cranesbills, Geranium sylvaticum, are pretty as well, with colours ranging from mauve to pink and almost white: